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Trans-Sahara desert crossing

Is the Touareg a true off-road vehicle? Can it really live up to its promises of adventure and escape from daily life? A double Sahara crossing with Timbuktu as the destination was designed to demonstrate the vehicle’s potential and off-road ability under expedition conditions.

The 16,000 km tour along some of the most challenging tracks in the Sahara was planned and completed without logistical back-up or supply of spare parts, under authentic long-distance travel conditions. Despite the complex vehicle technology, if breakdowns occurred the crew of the vehicle would have bring it back into service in local workshops and using the materials they had on board.

Driving through Tunisia, the Algerian-Libyan border, Niger and Mali, the Touareg coped magnificently with the stresses of the heat and constant dust. The journey continued onwards through Mauritania and Morocco, where the Touareg continued to survive its baptism of fire. After a total of 21 days, the vehicle and its crew headed back to Wolfsburg safe and sound.

Our services:

  • Route planning
  • Concept
  • Obtaining documents and visas
  • Preparing the vehicle and equipment
  • Carrying out the trip with two experienced Sahara specialists
  • Preparing documentation
  • Writing a report for a trade magazine
  • Exchanging information with specialists in Wolfsburg
  • Coordinating with other agencies
  • Emergency back-up