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Framing fascinating images

Film crews are constantly expected to deliver a usable result within a fixed time frame and budget. We put our entire expertise to work to ensure that this is possible.

These crews generally work under extreme time pressure and pressure to succeed. From a psychological perspective, this is complicated by the fact that it is not always their choice to work in foreign countries and on adventurous routes.
Preparing and advising on film projects requires particular flair, as well as a willingness to provide all crew members with optimum support. During the planning phase, we select suitable locations, develop proposals and alternatives for routing, organise travel and accommodation arrangements and obtain the necessary visas and permits. When shooting on location, we take care of all coordination between the film crew and everyone else involved.
With us, you gain not only exceptional local knowledge and contacts, but also our ability to react in an extremely flexible way. Whatever problems arise when on location, we can guarantee to find a solution, ensuring that the film crew can concentrate on their work and return home with great broadcastable material.