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Our strengths: conveying brand messages

brand image

The aim of our brand management projects is to increase a brand’s emotional value and enable consumers to experience it in extraordinary fashion.

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media events

Our events for media representatives are specially tailored to journalists’ professional needs, and will guarantee you media success.

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trade fairs and presentations

Working in close collaboration with our clients, we adapt product launches, reveals and test drives to a wide variety of event concepts.

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customer relations

The aim of our customer relationship programmes is to use direct experience to strengthen the relationship between brand and product.

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retailer marketing

Sales and trading partners are key referrers for businesses. Our campaigns aim to strengthen relationships with them and convince them of the performance of the product in question.

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film productions

Preparing and advising on film projects requires particular flair, as well as a willingness to provide all team members with optimum support. We take care of all coordination between the film crew and everyone else involved on location.

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driver safety training

Confident control of a vehicle comes from skill and experience. Our innovative concepts enable the content priorities to be tailored to the relevant target group, and teach safe driving with a test drive in a fun, friendly atmosphere.

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Transeurasia 2009 – from Lisbon to Magadan. A world record for the longest continuous stretch of land which can be covered on a single continent from west to east.