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Well-trained staff are the basis for a smooth-running event.

Our Train the Trainer programmes include seminars for trade fair staff, sales training on new vehicle models and comprehensive instructor training for organising and executing automotive events. Based on your requirements, we will design theoretical and practical training sessions covering vehicles, vehicle technology or driving technology.

experience academy

High-quality test drives with trade partners and ambitious driving events are highly effective sales and marketing tools. The benefits of highly-developed vehicle technology and complex assistance systems are not self-explanatory to the uninitiated. The best way to win them over is to allow them to actually ‘experience’ the use of these innovations themselves.

To enable our instructors to prepare and execute high-quality test drives and driving events, we are offering a multi-level training programme specially designed to meet your requirements. Thanks to our global experience, every experience academy is tailored to the relevant market conditions.

The experience academy is a multi-modular training programme with the core modules of on-road driving training, off-road driving training, sport driving training, eco training and the organisation of driving experience events. You select the modules and content that meet your particular needs. Training includes extensive practical workshops offering instructor training in driving dynamics and safety, as well as theoretical units covering vehicle technology, assistance systems, sales training, group dynamics, and the organisation and preparation of driving events.

In order to improve the quality of trade test drives, we offer special training for sales staff. Every vehicle model and every target group has its own approach, and we establish the potential ways of meeting a test drive customer’s requirements in ideal fashion.