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Our development

It all began in 1999 with a crazy idea ‒ why not try to break the Guinness World Record for travelling the Pan-American Highway?

Many other projects have been added since then, enabling us to set benchmarks in the field of automotive events ‒ some crazy, some pioneering, some unique.


An overview of some of the most exceptional projects of the last few years:

1999:   Pan-American Highway Guinness World Record

2002:   First Sahara crossing with the VW Touareg

2004:   Volkswagen Driving Experience trips

2005:   Round-the-world trip with the VW Touareg

2006:   Volkswagen Driving Experience Tibet expedition

2007:   Tiguan press launch

2008:   XWorld Asia in 42 stages

2009:   Transeurasia world record

2010:   Volkswagen academy Train the Trainer China

2011:   XWorld South America

2012:   New Santana media tour Wolfsburg-Beijing