Expertise in more than 100 countries.

Our passion: cars

As a specialist provider of automotive events, we have made it our mission to design driving events which make the driver as well as the vehicle the focus of attention, depending on the desired objective.

corporate events

We create spectacular ways of communicating brands, ensuring that your message is received by customers, employees and media representatives.

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consulting + support

We cover all the actual driving elements of automotive events, either as a comprehensive package or as individual components.

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Expertise in more than 100 countries

We design and implement brand communication projects and events all over the world.

Our events offer participants and guests alike an authentic experience in exceptional locations and extraordinary surroundings.


Searching beyond the horizon, together we will discover some of the most secret corners of the planet. Always on unknown trails, always exciting, always different.

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Young Classics

Enjoy pure driving pleasure with modern classic cars – childhood dreams, future classics and eyewitnesses to the 70s and 80s – along secluded side roads in Germany’s Rhön region.

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